Aaron Robertson

Pastors face unique challenges as they care for their families and congregations. High stress levels and stretches of loneliness lead directly to anxiety, depression, burnout and more. Those serving in impoverished, immigrant, or refugee communities face added burdens related to poverty, injustice, and race. One of the greatest needs of many pastors is for someone to journey with them to provide encouragement, training, and fellowship.

I connect with pastors and provide space and opportunity for them to pursue the health and growth needed to flourish in life and ministry.  As they are coached, cared for, and trained they are better prepared to “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ”.  Starting in their own homes and extending through those they shepherd, flourishing pastors help disciple vibrant congregations to be vibrant, impactful, and faith-filled churches. I come alongside pastors to help them pursue health so that their ministries can be healthy.