immigrant ministries: Salem arts exchange



Imagine arriving in this country and attempting to build a new life. Friends, family and everything familiar has been left behind. You are expected to navigate the bus line, find where to shop, learn the language and try to find work to support your family. Often you feel isolated in your apartment.


Now imagine finding an oasis of women who welcome you into their world. They work with you to find your creative potential and to make beautiful things. Together you eat, laugh, share stories of you past, your life now, and your dreams for the future. You begin to earn an income from your handiwork. Slowly, you no longer feel like a stranger…..this land is becoming your new home.


Arts and crafts are a universal language. 

Salem Arts Exchange, a program of CityJoy's Immigrant Ministries, engages the Church and her artistic talents to glorify our MAKER and to reach our refugee and immigrant neighbors. We desire to build genuine relationships of mutual blessing and to help our neighbors rebuild their lives and move out of poverty. We desire to share the ultimate STORY…the story of our beautiful and living SAVIOR, Jesus Christ.